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Moon Calendar, 33 Card Navigation Deck, Intuitive Readings, Meditations & Mantras

Moonlogic Moon Calendar & Deck

Moonlogic: Moon Calendar & Deck


Moonlogic® where brain science meets the power of moon cycles!


Navigate Your Life & Business with More Ease & Flow:

The moon holds a sacred rhythm of health, wealth, and happiness for you to tap into. Explore the wisdom of each moon phase as a pathway for staying aligned, breaking free from limitations, and achieving your wildest dreams with ease and flow.

Moon Calendar:

Do you sometimes feel amped up and energized and other times a herd of wildebeests couldn’t move you?

Each month we move through a new lunar cycle, and our moon is responsible for everything. By focusing on the 4 main phases: New Moon, 1st Quarter Moon, Full Moon, and the 3rd Quarter Moon - you can optimize your energy, your moon magic and create flow states in your life and business.

At each phase, there is a specific energy that either amplifies or decreases momentum in your life.

Check out when each phase starts and for the days following until the next phase focus your tasks around the prompts or mantras. For example, it might be time to start something new or re-evaluate your plans. Use the Mantra that corresponds.

Follow the energy of each moon phase for the whole week for optimal results!

33 Card Navigation Deck:

Receive daily guidance with your intuitive navigation cards.

The magic is in the way you ask a question! Consider phrases like:

- What is the message I need to hear most?

- What will help me to move forward at this time?

- What is the energy for today?

Step 1: Set your intention or ask a question to gain clarity or guidance.

Step 2: Tap to shuffle the deck.

Step 3: Press and hold to reveal your card.

Step 4: Click your card to listen to the extended reading. Premium access required.

Intuitive Readings & Meditations:

Dive deeper into your daily card meaning with extended audio readings, meditations, and journal prompts with deck creator Kady Romagnuolo.


A mantra is your mini self-care ritual to seal in all your magical goodness!

We use brain science to activate radial results and the subconscious mind loves repetition. So use your mantra every day for the entire week. A new mantra is available weekly.


Need help or have questions?

Email us: [email protected] 

Meet Kady Romagnuolo! Founder of Moonlogic® & Deck Creator


Like so many of us, the things she loved as a child (like magic!) were the things cast off as an adult. But hustle and grind felt totally out of alignment. While she was a brilliant real estate broker, something was missing. Her heart craved more fun, to do things differently, and to create a life that supported what she felt aligned with.

Now as a Spiritual Business Coach Kady helps heart-led entrepreneurs ignite their own brand of magic, release emotional blocks, and blast through self-sabotage to find their personal happiness, business freedom, and abundance.

She is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, multiple best-selling author, international speaker on the world tour for Think and Grow Rich, and pitched on the hit TV show Dragons’ Den.

Kady blends her expertise in business and passion for helping others as the Founder of Blue Moon Realty Inc. a boutique real estate brokerage helping home buyers and sellers make the move they never thought possible.


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