Moon lovers, Moon dreamers,

Moon-shot takers


Practical magic for your life and business!

MoonlogicŽ Magic School is where brain science meets the power of natural cycles to transform your heart-led business from passion project to sustainable empire.


Free App & Card Deck Now Available!


Moon lovers,

Moon dreamers,

Moon-shot takers


Practical magic for your life and business!


Moonlogic™ Magic School is where brain science meets the power of natural cycles to transform your heart-led business from passion project to sustainable 6 or 7 figure empire.


Free App & Card Deck Now Available!


The moon represents our subconscious wants, needs, and fears...

A women in a blue dress standing on the waterfront holding a glowing full moon in the air

A revolutionary framework you'll only find at Moonlogic®

Our proven system will highlight the areas of your business that are keeping you stuck, and warp speed your success!

Your business is a mirror into your subconscious.

It's about finding what lights you up, creating a plan, aligning all the pieces, and expanding your heart to make a difference in the world.

The moon is a natural symbol to know when to shift your plans into action, how to apply feedback, and where your business is guiding you to grow. Learn how to navigate obstacles and life changes with a simple method of aligning your actions with each phase to support consistency.

Create your own unique brand of magic!

Intentionally crafted with the power of neuroscience and the magic of your unique purpose in life! You'll learn what to do and what not to do in each moon phase to blast through the glass ceiling with transformational results that feel like magic! Reveal your calling, power, passion, and abundance.

If you’ve ever wanted to know exactly when to launch your product or service, when to teach, how to create programs and offerings… Moonlogic® is your access to all of it. Step into full alignment with the moon as your guide.


 What's Included

Weekly Magic Sessions

(Quick Wins! Video Lessons)

Weekly Activities

(Downloadable Worksheets)

Workshops & Networking

(Grow Your Business)

Moon Calendar

(Plan Your Content)

JOIN NOW: $33/mth
SAVE 60% - SINGLE PAYMENT: $150/yr
For just $33/mth subscription you'll get access to NEW CONTENT WEEKLY with our best-selling workshops, insights to grow your business, and insider secret trainings to know how to work with natural cycles to find your calling, step into your confidence, and create a successful business you love!
Plus optional VIP upgrades for one-on-one coaching with Kady, advanced classes, and transformational sessions all at members-only pricing!

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About Kady (and kinda about Rob)...

Hey, I'm Kady!


Business coach for heart-led entrepreneurs, best-selling author, international speaker, top-performing real estate broker, and multi-six-figure entrepreneur. I started Moonlogic® Magic School because of a childhood dream I’d long forgotten…

Like so many of us, the things I loved as a child (like magic!) were the things I cast off as an adult. But hustle and grind felt totally out of alignment. While I was a brilliant real estate broker, something was missing. My heart craved more fun, to do things differently, and to create a life that supported what I felt aligned with. As I began to push myself out of my comfort zone to explore what could be possible for my life my unique gifts of supporting others through challenging times emerged. I reconnected with my heart and awakened to a new level of growth (you’ll learn more about that in class!), I began making choices that actualized my wildest dreams - many from childhood passions. That is how Moonlogic® Magic School was created. It’s why I’m here.

Bringing play back into my life, aligning with my unique traits, and working with natural cycles have been the foundation of my marriage, life, and business.

If I hadn't discovered these methods, I wouldn’t live and work in the Enchanted Forest dreamed up by me and created by my oh-so-talented and handsome husband, Rob (aka the creature rarely caught on film - just try and spot him… he’s more elusive than Nessie!).

Together, we’re helping business owners ignite their own brand of magic, release emotional blocks, and blast through self-sabotage to find their personal happiness, business freedom, and abundance.

Learn more about Kady here...

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 "Loving the Moonlogic® school! I think because it satisfies both my organizational brain and my spiritual side!!"

 - Verified Member

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Moonlogic® is the wisdom your business needs to break through the abundance bubble and catalyze your dreams.


This is about total alignment - you, your business, and the moon. Magic. If you've been staring at the sky wondering why your health, wealth, and life revolve around the moon and not understanding why - now is the time.

Discover your transformation for sales results that feel like magic! Boost your momentum, and learn how natural cycles create sustainable results.

"Moonlogic® is the secret-sauce that broke me out of my wealth ceiling. Now, with the knowledge I've learned, I'm easily making $20k months, following my spiritual path, doing something I never dreamed I could."


Moonlogic® Members Love:


🤍 Clarity it gives to business decisions


🤍 Awareness of when to launch new programs, services & products


🤍 Ability to know how to use moon phases for optimization of life


🤍 Unique tools & resources to grow their business


"I honestly was skeptical at first. I thought my ability to make money relied solely on my shoulders and my hustle. But I kept hitting this invisible ceiling in my business. So I tried it. Not even my skepticism could deny the results- I moved across the country to a space I feel more aligned, added my spirituality directly into my business and am making money like never before. My debts are fully paid off and there's finally a sense of freedom I have been longing for."


- Lynn


Frequently Asked Questions

"I've invested in a lot of courses and classes as I've explored my spirituality. Nothing truly resonated with me quite like moon magic. Knowing the moon phases as well as my own and how to work with it all to optimize my business and life - total game changer."

- Angela