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We often talk about working with the rhythm of nature to increase our productivity and effectiveness, but few of us recognize the power of the moon in the process. Using the phases of the moon to grow your business or career can be a powerful tool that has been utilized by many successful entrepreneurs and business owners.

Moon cycles provide us with four distinct phases that support either momentum-building activities or times when modifications are required. Whether it's creating, harvesting, analyzing, or marketing, there's a specific time period during the moon cycle that can help move your passion project along.

Learn how to navigate her natural cycles and tap into your own unique brand of magic.

The Moonlogic® Podcast reveals how utilizing natural cycles can help you effortlessly expand your business, find clarity in your life, and make dreams come true with total grace, epic ease, and a whole lot of fun!

Join host Spiritual Business Coach, Kady Romagnuolo, as she answers all your questions on what to do and what not to do during each moon phase.

If you’ve ever wondered “Can I really change my life?” The answer is a resounding yes! Unearth, rediscover, and finally put into practice your very own gifts of moon magic.

The lunar cycle is an effective way to help focus your efforts and plan out your goals.

The moon is a natural symbol to know when to shift your plans into action, how to apply feedback, and where your business is guiding you to grow. Learn how to navigate obstacles and life changes with a simple method of aligning your actions with each phase to support consistency.

Do you have questions about your business or moon phases?

Each phase supports specific things to do and not to do. Is there something you want to know that will help you in your life or business?

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What is Magic School?


Our proven system will highlight the areas of your business that are keeping you stuck, and warp speed your success!

Moonlogic® Magic School is where brain science meets the power of natural cycles to transform your heart-led business from passion project to sustainable 6 or 7 figure empire.